Integrated Informatics Services

The Integrated Informatics Core combines Bioinformatics, Health Informatics and Operational Informatics resources into one Integrated Informatics Service (IIS).


The Health Informatics unit uses the REDCap software, an NIH-supported web application, for building and managing online surveys and research databases. IIS currently supports more than 47 REDCap datasets, with approximately 291 users. The staff also provides Biomedical Data Science (DS) services, through the phases of a DS project lifecycle. These phases include data understanding, data wrangling (pre-processing), model planning, models building, and communication results. To develop these DS projects, we implement new software and databases tools. We also apply Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning for developing the predictive models and other analysis. We have published more than ten paper since 2017.


The Bioinformatics unit is the first Bioinformatics support service in the institution. The range of services available include data analytics for genomics and proteomics analysis; DNAseq and RNAseq analysis; metagenomic analysis; SNP analysis; genome assembly and annotation; pathway and network enrichment analysis, and phylogeny analysis. 


The Biomedical Data Science unit uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) approaches applied to health disparities and minority focus on the Hispanic population. The range of analysis services includes data cleaning, data wrangling, exploratory data, visualizations, and applications of AI/ML for the prediction of patients' diagnoses and treatments.




Brenda G. Nieves-Rodríguez, BBA

System Programmer II


Eduardo Tosado

Eduardo Tosado PhD




Joshua Meléndez, MIS

Leader Assistant