Directory of Active Investigators

image of book directoryTo achieve its goal of enhancing the research capacity at the UPR-MSC, the RCMI Program has identified different strategic objectives. One of these objectives is the development of a RESEARCH DIRECTORY. This research directory is a web-based database containing information about active investigators in different fields of research at the UPR-MSC.
The Directory contains the following information about investigators:
First Name, Second Name, Family Name
Contact e-mail
Area of Expertise
Research Interest
Directions to access the Directory:
This website provides two methods to access the directory. It can be download on PDF format at or dynamically by using a search engine and filters located at the search directory page . The initial page allows searching the directory by School or Department of appointment, research type or area of expertise. The results are displayed on a table containing the information requested.
Objectives of the Directory


  • Facilitate the identification and searching process of UPR-MSC researchers working on what areas of research and to which schools/departments is he/she affiliated.
  • Enhance research collaborations within and outside the UPR-MSC
  • Present and disseminate, regionally and internationally, the local research and development potential and capacity of investigators at the UPR-MSC
  • Facilitate the preparation, review and evaluation process of research grant applications
Registering in the Directory
Active investigators not included in the Directory or who need to update their profiles or their research interests are encourage to contact Ms. Natalie Alamo, Project Manager, at or at (787) 758 2525, Ext. 1621.