Infectious and Global Diseases Program

Adelfa Serrano, PhD

Key Activity Director

Adelfa Serrano, PhDDr. Adelfa Serrano has ample experience in malaria, especially in Plasmodium drug resistance, ABC transporters, parasite development, identification-validation of potential drug targets using reverse genetics and in vivo pre-clinical testing of novel antimalarial compounds. She has published papers on the key role of enzymes of the glutathione metabolisms in Plasmodium development as well as molecular and bioinformatic characterizations of ABC transporters and glutathione metabolism genes. Her laboratory is one of the few in the world that conducts in vivo drug testing for “proof of concept” and “pre-clinical testing” of potential antimalarials in the rodent model.

Dr. Serrano developed a strong partnership with Genzyme (presently Genzyme-Sanofis), which resulted in co-authorship of three publications related to the development of antimalarial drugs (Org Lett. 2010, 12(18): 3998-4001, PMID: 20718474; J Biol Chem. 2010, PMID: 20702404; Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2011, PMID:  21422215). Dr. Serrano’s expertise in malaria and other parasitic diseases, her leadership and commitment, as well as her international network of colleagues in the infectious disease field makes her capable of leading this Key Activity and accomplish the proposed aims.

Telephone: (787) 758-2525 ext. 1313


Idalí Martínez, PhD

Key Activity Leader

Idali MartinezDr. Idalí Martinez has ample experience in dengue-virus (DENV) vaccine development and cross-protection studies in mice. She has developed four DNA vaccine candidates against all DENV serotypes. These vaccine candidates are advertised in the Eagle-i system as reagents that can be shared with other investigators.  She also has access to the CDC Dengue Branch laboratories as guest researcher, where she collaborates with Dr. Elizabeth Hunsperger and Dr. Jorge Muñoz-Jordán. Dr. Martinez has experience as coordinator for the institutional MBRS-RISE program (R25-GM61838), where she is in charge of the developmental activities for graduate students. This experience will contribute to her success in coordinating seminars, workshops and training activities for the Infectious and Global Diseases Research Program.

Telephone: (787) 758-2525 ext. 1354,1447

Emilee E. Colón-Lorenzo, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor



Emilee E. Colón-Lorenzo has a BS in Industrial Microbiology from UPR-Mayagüez and a Ph.D. in Microbiology from UPR-Medical Sciences with expertise in molecular/cellular biology, molecular parasitology and bioinformatics. Dr. Colón’s experience includes: Plasmodium berghei in vitro and in vivo drug testing, reverse genetics, recombinant DNA technology, enzyme activity assay,training in mosquitoes as vector of infectious diseases, among others. Her achievements include publications (DOI: 10.5220/0002747401730180, PMID: 21143936, PMID: 26952808), awarded with two pre-doctoral fellowships, and recently obtained funds for a small pilot project.

She manages the daily operations of the RCMI-IGDRP core facility and provides technical support to facility users. She also coordinates seminars, workshops and symposiums offered by the IGDRP; outreach activities to promote scientific interactions and to encourage new users of the facility. She provides users services including: analysis of results, consulting in research techniques, protocols, methods and applications; training in experimental techniques, software and/or equipment use, and troubleshooting services. Dr. Colón has active participation in research projects/activities and trainings, experience in infectious diseases, laboratory management and specialized methodologies and techniques pertinent to IGDRP core laboratory. She provides advice and consultation related to infectious diseases as needed. The services of the IGDRP Core Facility are focused to the basic and translational research community and the purpose is to foster collaboration between researchers and partnerships to reduce infectious and global diseases that impact global health.

Telephone: (787) 758-2525 ext. 1314


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