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Organization and Governance

Organization and governance

The RCMI Program has been configured, for the 2011-2016 cycle, in three divisions: the Division of Research Administration, which coordinates the Administration and Evaluation key activities, as well as the proposed Advanced Management Program; the Division of Research Resources which includes those key activities which provide services in support of research and promote collaborations and partnerships, and the Division of Research Development, which oversees the key activities supporting professional development. The new program has been named the Center for Collaborative Research in Health Disparities to signal an emphasis on extensive and intensive research collaborations and partnerships, as well as a focus on addressing those diseases that disproportionately affect the population that we serve.

Center for Collaborative Research in Health Disparities

Organizational Structure of the RCMI Program 2011-2016

The PI, Dr. Emma Fernández-Repollet, will be ultimately accountable for the structure, function and finances of the RCMI Program. Multiple review and tracking strategies have been established to monitor the progress of each key activity.

Guidance and advice is provided by an Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) and an External Advisory Committee (EAC) on issues related to planning, developing, implementing and evaluating the key activities proposed in the renewal application. These advisors and the External Evaluator assist the PI in monitoring the progress of the program and assure that programmatic goals for enhancing biomedical research are achieved. The PI and the Key Activity Directors review on a monthly basis the structure, function, and finances of each key function/activity.


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