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Division of Research Management

The Division of Research Management provides a cohesive organization for the Administration Core including the Advanced Management Program, and the Evaluation Key Activity.  The Administration Core provides logistical support for services, activities and initiatives associated to the Program. The Advanced Management Program was established with the objective of improving efficiencies and provide better services at the administration office as well as at the RCMI-supported facilities and initiatives. The management program also provides professional training to core facilities personnel taking advantage of programs available through the membership to the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF). This international society is dedicated to advancing core and research biotechnology laboratories through research, communication, and education through conferences, a quarterly journal, publication of research group studies and conference travel awards. The society also sponsors multi-center research studies designed to help members incorporate new biotechnologies into their laboratories. Institutional funds were identified to support the registration of all key activity and technical specialists in this association.  The Evaluation Key Activity assists with the monitoring and assessment endeavors of all key activities and the overall program. It is expected that the combination of these resources will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of support services provided by the program and will facilitate the implementation of the enhanced and innovative initiatives that are proposed in this renewal application.

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