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Targeted Faculty Development Program

The main goal of the Targeted Faculty Development Program is to coach junior faculty through career planning, development and grantsmanship by providing one-to-one professional mentorship to complement scientific mentorship input.  The key need addressed by this activity is the importance for junior faculty to be able to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are associated with their professional stage and to plan for maximal use of their resources in time and funds towards advancing their research, laboratory management, networking, and lead data collection in lieu of planned publications or grants opportunities.

The Targeted Faculty Development Program will identify, annually, 5-6 junior faculty from the UPR Medical Sciences Campus with the highest priority for professional mentoring need versus anticipated success in his/her career development.  The professional mentorship program will address the following aims:

  1. Evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for each candidate at start of the Program and 6 months into calendar year in order to generate individualized plans for professional advancement.
  2. Promote applied grantsmanship strategies and skills by direct grant editing and scientific writing planning for upcoming manuscript and grant submission to minimize errors that may deviate from scientific review (i.e., presentation, organization, anticipated results, pitfalls, time-line, etc.).
  3. Provide monthly follow-up and three yearly in–person exchanges between lead mentor and candidates to ensure accountability of stated plans and ensure prompt resolution of obstacles that may arise.


Key Activity Leader:

Luis Montaner, Ph.D

Professor, Immunology Program
Scientific Director, Flow Cytometry Facility
The Wistar Institute




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