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Collaborative Research Seminar Series


Seminar series


During the current cycle, the RCMI Program is emphasizing the need for increasing the number of collaborations, particularly those that are multi- or interdisciplinary in nature and involve other academic institutions, as well as the private sector. In this regard, NIH has also recognized that the formation of multidisciplinary teams is vital to modern biomedical research, and that research teams are key contributors to the advancement of scientific discovery, as well as to the translation of those discoveries into useful clinical practice.

To address these important issues, the RCMI Program proposes to continue sponsoring seminars and workshops that stimulate and emphasize multidisciplinary collaborations, facilitate networking activities, and educate on intellectual property issues, technology transfer and entrepreneurial strategies. These activities will be disseminated utilizing the platform provided by the RTRN network.

The main goals of the Multidisciplinary Collaborative Research (MCR) seminar series are to promote multidisciplinary collaborative research efforts, and make investigators aware of the mechanisms and incentives available to protect, transfer and commercialize ideas and to provide networking opportunities to foster new collaborations and team science. Key needs to be addressed by this activity include the urgency for mechanisms to promote multidisciplinary collaborative research efforts, the need for maximizing the use of local and national collaborative networks, as well as the importance of protecting and commercializing the intellectual property generated by these collaborative efforts. These efforts are also expected to complement the mentoring program activities proposed in this application.

The following specific aims will guide this initiative during the current cycle:

  1. Demonstrate the importance and value of multidisciplinary research collaborations and stimulate collaborative projects.
  2. Promote an intensive and effective use of the network infrastructure developed by the RCMI Program.
  3. Educate faculty and students on the protection, marketing and licensing of intellectual property.


Key Activity Director:

Emma Fernández Repollet, Ph.D.
RCMI Principal Investigator
Professor, Department of Pharmacology
UPR-Medical Sciences Campus



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