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Professional Development Program

Professional development

The Professional Development Program consists of three sub-activities: a Targeted Development Program, a Course in Research Integrity and Survival Skills in Research and a Multidisciplinary Collaborative Research Seminar. This trio of activities has been designed to provide junior investigators with the necessary tools to succeed in a research career.

The Targeted Faculty Development Program provides coaching through career planning and professional development utilizing a one-to-one mentoring approach established by Key Activity Leader, Dr. Luis Montaner.

The Course in Bioethical and Survival Skills in Research is instrumental in exposing graduate student to topics not included in their academic program but essential to succeed in a science career. Course topics are presented within an ethical framework to convey the importance of conducting research in a responsible manner.

Finally, the Multidisciplinary Collaborative Seminar Series is designed to emphasize the importance of collaborations and the need to work in research teams. This is achieved by inviting recognized leaders of collaborative teams and experts in the area of technology transfer, since intellectual property policies are an integral component of any collaboration or partnership. The PI oversees that these activities are closely coordinated with the Pilot Project Program and the Collaborations and Partnerships Key Activity, which have complementary initiatives.

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