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Research Collaboration to Study Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

The University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus in collaboration with the University of Rochester, Harvard University, the University of Pittsburgh and Brown University were awarded a !10M grant to study obsessive-compulsive disorder (ODC).


Greg Quirk, Ph.D., professor of Psychiatry at the UPR-MSDC, with leading mental health researchers at the four other institutions, will pinpoint specific abnormalities within the brain circuits that are associated with the disease and use this information to guide new treatment options for the three millions-plus Americans who live with the disorder.

The research teams hope that pinpointing the circuit abnormalities in OCD will be a major step forward in developing individualized treatments for the disorder, as well as for related psychiatric conditions.

Dr. Quirk also serves as director of the RCMI Pilot Project Program.$10m-grant-to-study-ocd-114066.html

Acknowledgement of Funding

This program is funded by RCMI grant G12 MD007600 (National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities) from the National Institutes of Health.  Please use this number to acknowledge support.

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