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Recent News: Promoting Health Careers Among Puerto Rican Students

The Center for Collaborative Research in Health Disparities (CCRHD) received the visit of Dr. Craig Locatis from the Office of High Performance Computing and Communications at the National Library of Medicine (NLM). During the last academic year, the NLM sponsored a web-based project to promote health careers among middle-and high-school students in Puerto Rico.  The project focused on a series of eight video conferences given by biomedical faculty and health professionals who have been successful in their respective careers.  During his visit to the UPR-Medical Sciences Campus, Dr.Locatis met  with representatives of the CCRHD and the Biomedical Education Research Program (BREP) who were involved in the coordination and execution of this initiative.  Faculty and health professionals were also invited to this meeting.  A focal point of the visit was the meetings held at two participating middle-and high-schools in Caguas and Mayaguez, respectively.  At both schools he met with science teacher sand students. Twenty-nine students, five science teachers and two information technology specialists from five different schools across the Island participated in the project.




Acknowledgement of Funding

This program is funded by RCMI grant G12 MD007600 (National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities) from the National Institutes of Health.  Please use this number to acknowledge support.

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